Your Bulbd Neon sign will arrive with a couple extra things to get your sign mounted and powered!

All of our signs are tested prior to delivery to ensure you receive a sign that is ready to go. Your sign is created using a clear or coloured acrylic backing board with LED matching your selected colour/s. There is a slim transparent 2-meter-long cable attached to your sign which connects to a power supply to power your sign. Predrilled mounting-holes in the acrylic backing are also provided to make hanging or mounting your sign that little bit easier!

A 12V power supply is also provided with an Australian plug. Based on the size and overall requirements of your sign, you may receive 2 power supplies to power your sign safely and effectively! This will be mentioned during the design and quotation process so don’t worry.

Finally, every Bulbd Neon sign comes with a remote-control/ dimmer and mounting screws to hang your sign – all you need are the batteries for the remote!

Our custom signs start at $200, being a very basic and small design, and will vary depending on various factors. The price of a custom Neon sign depends on its overall size, complexity and the linear amount of LED tubing used for your design. Your custom neon sign will come with a free remote control/ dimmer as well as free delivery Australia wide.

All of our signs are made from advanced LED flex. Our LED flex is made with PVC and acrylic, whilst being powered by LED lighting. The LED’s are encased in the PVC tubing and then mounted securely to the acrylic backing.

Our LED flex neon materials are high quality, cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, and safer than the traditional glass neon products. They also provide an incredible visual glow that is comparable, if not better, than traditional glass neon signage.

The backing of your sign will be clear acrylic (as standard). There are a few options when it comes to this backboard. The design of your sign may be a factor on how your backboard is shaped.  The backboard can be cut around the shape of your design,  so it is contoured and nearly invisible or it can be cut in a rectangular shape. The backboard color is generally clear however we are able to colour the acrylic using UV printing, use gold metalic, a solid colour or have an image/ text printed onto the acrylic using our UV printing once again.

Our neon signs can be used outdoors, however only if it will not be exposed wet conditions or too harsh weather. Our standard neon signs are not made waterproof and will be damaged if they get wet. If you are after a sign that is to be left outdoors and will be exposed to wet conditions, let us know and we can talk to you about our waterproofing solutions!

Our LED flex material is naturally IP65 water resistant however we do need to add a couple extra steps to ensure correct waterproofing. If you request your sign to be made waterproof, a range of glues & silicon fillers are used to seal any openings there may be as a result of cutting the LED Neon flex in production. We will also recommend mounting the sign somewhere that offers some protection from harsh weather and vandalism of the sign.  A clear acrylic box can also be added to the sign to add an extra layer of protection!

All of our LED neon signs are handmade and therefore need some time to be created. Once your payment has been received, your order will begin and will take an absolute maximum of 5 weeks to reach your doorstep! Our customers usually wait no longer than 4 weeks, however with COVID and inevitable delivery delays 5 weeks is a safe amount of time.

We can offer a rush order service where your order is placed at the top of the queue for an extra $100. This will reduce the wait time to 2-3 weeks maximum. If we are unable to deliver your order within the 3-week time period we will refund the difference between the Standard and Rush order shipping cost.

We offer a range of 20 colour options for you to design a perfect LED neon sign! We want to highlight that depending on the camera and the light, the colour will vary slightly in appearance based on the lighting surrounding the sign. Depending on your need and where you plan to hang your sign, we will help you choose the perfect colour for your sign.

We offer 2 types of LED tubing: 

  • White Jacket – When the sign is turned off the tubing appears white and the colour is a bit paler when turned on
  • Coloured Jacket – When the sign is turned off the tubes are still coloured, and the colour is more intense when turned on

Here is a chart to show you the colours both on and off, and with or without a jacket.

Hanging your new neon light is a simple process, no different to hanging a picture frame! Our neon signs generally weigh on average between 3-7kg and come with pre-drilled holes in the acrylic backing to make your life easy. We also provide a wall mounting kit which contains advertising standoff screws. If you wish to hang your sign, we recommend using heavy duty wire or strong wire with secure knotting.

Before you get started, here are a few things to note:

  • Most Neon signs are fairly lightweight and weigh between 3kgs – 7kgs. However, we recommend always having 2-3 people to support the neon sign whilst installing to ensure it doesn’t fall! 
  • To operate, the Neon sign then needs to be plugged into a standard power outlet. Please ensure the Neon sign is unplugged before you install it.
  • Please note, waterproof boxes are designed for permanent fixture and not designed to be moved often.

We offer an extensive and great range of fonts including basic (block) fonts, script fonts and multi lined fonts. We can work with almost any font! Fonts using monoline (equal width) are highly preferred and often look the best due to the obvious shape of the LED neon flex which is used.

We offer a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on custom signage. Please note, our manufacturer’s warranty covers all electrical components, when used appropriately indoors. 

For all signage used outdoors (i.e. when purchased with a waterproof box), we offer a 3-month manufacturer’s warranty when used appropriately. Please note, waterproof boxes are designed for permanent fixture and not designed to be moved regularly.

Depending on the fault, we will either fix, replace or refund the product. Bulbd Neon reserve the right to select the most appropriate actions to fulfil the warranty.

You think you sign arrived faulty?

While we take the utmost care to ensure your Neon arrives in perfect working condition, accidents can happen! If you believe you have received a faulty item, or if your item has arrived damaged, please send us photos of:

– The outside of the box

– The consignment note

– The faulty area/s on the sign

Please contact info@bulbdneon.com.au for all warranty queries.